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Vixen: Extended Versions

Vixen: Extended Versions

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Vixen: Queens of Metal

Band Members

Jan Kuehnemund - Guitars
Jenna Sanz-Agero - Vocals
Kat Kraft - Drums
Lynn Louise Lowrey - Bass

Vixen Biography

While not in their original form, line up or musically, the ladies in Vixen have reappeared after over a decade of silence. This all-girl glam band, metal band or rock band depending on who you speak to is a collaboration of hairspray and hard rock tunes, which was formed in the early 80's by guitarist Jan Kuehnemund and consisted of Janet Gardner (vocals), Roxy Petrucci (drums), and Share Pedersen (bass). They released their debut album Vixen in 1988 that quickly went gold in the US accompanied by hit singles such as "Edge of a Broken Heart" and "Cryin'. It was just 2 years later that Vixen would release its second album, "Rev It Up", giving us the hit "Love Is A Killer" in 1990, but was then left without vocalist Janet Gardner and bassist Share Pedersen as both left to pursue other projects.

After the split, it would be almost 7 years before a Vixen reformation.

It was in 1997 that drummer Roxy Petrucci would collaborate once again with Janet Gardner and discover guitarist Gina Stile and go on as a three-some to produce a 3rd album Tangerine in the spring of 1998. Tangerine was not the traditional Vixen album as it produced a 90's sound with a twist of their classic riffs. It was then that Vixen attracted a new crowd, but seemed to lose the enthusiasm of old fans awaiting a copy of the bubble-rock tunes they had grown to love.

It would be 2002 before Vixen reappeared into the music scene and they did so with a delicate explosion of new talent and passionate forces that would produce a new sound and reincarnate the once popular glam band we remember. Vixen now has the combined talents of Jan Kuehnemund (remaining guitarist), Lynn Louise Lowrey (bass), Kat Kraft (drums), and energetic Jenna Sanz-Agero (vocals) to relive the Vixen legacy.

With Jan Kuehnemund the only remaining founding member, Vixen has transitioned to a new alternative sound while staying true to their roots.

Live & Learn will be released by Demolition Records in September 2006, and will be pre-empted by a tour that encompasses the US, and Europe, including a return to some of the venues that the band graced the stages of in 2005.

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