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Danielle LoPresti and The Masses

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Danielle LoPresti and The Masses

Unlike many artists Danielle LoPresti did not begin to pursue her solo career until her mid twenties after attending college on a theatre scholarship. After college Danielle went on to a brief career composing music for TV and film, two of her songs ended up in the film, " The Nutty Professor."

Danielle later partners with a producer she feels she can work with and their release while it draws some buzz falls short of any real commercial success.

Shortly after, at the request of her sister, Danielle writes a powerful and moving song about child molestation, she titles " Say It." Labeled as too risky by the major labels Danielle submits " Say It " to the L.A. Music Awards after a long and thoughtful decision. In 1999, she is nominated for best female singer/songwriter, for her submission " Say It."

This time more experienced, Danielle takes the buzz and eventual rejection from a leading L.A. music attorney and skillfully recruits a group of talented musicians who proudly name themselves The Masses, in honor of the social issues Danielle tackles in her music. Together they turn their debut release, " Dear Mr. Penis Head," into a 12 track journey of the struggles facing female musicians and the social issues ripping at the fabric of our society. Funded by her own life savings and anger and fueled by her uncompromising songwriting and rangeful vocals, the album receives rave reviews and once again numerous nominations for her revolutionary approach to her music.

Spurred by the knowledge that lack of adequate air play and promotion had not just hurt her debut release but was one of the most significant challenges facing all indie artists, Danielle along with Bass Player Kelly Bowen create Indie by Design. A company dedicated to spreading awareness of indie music and forming a network of support for indie artists everywhere.

While tirelessly promoting Indie by Design and her own music Danielle performed at various festivals and eventually stumbled onto Alicia Champion. Alicia, an artist with the same passion for indie music and disdain for the pre fabricated music being churned out by major labels quickly recognizes they share the same visions not just for women in music but for indie artists from all corners of the industry. Appearing at an Indie by Design event, Alicia's professionalism impressed Danielle and the two began to form a working partnership that would eventually change the San Diego Indie Music Scene.

In 2003 Danielle and The Masses released " 22 Mountains ", through Say it Records, fittingly named after Danielle's desire to be able to say and do whatever she wants with her music regardless of the opinion of the corporate music world. A virtue she holds near and dear to her heart as she prepares to release her third album sometime in 2006.

Yet in 2004 one dream was realized, with fellow artist Alicia Champion and fellow Indie by Design producer Kelly Bowen, they produced the First Annual San Diego Indie Music Fest. An instant success the Second Annual SDIMF in November 2005 drew more than 50 artists, including headliner Veruca Salt.

With a growing network and fan base along with her dedication to the social issues she strives to bring awareness to all the way to indie music scene Danielle LoPresti continues to be a driving force. Inspiring and educating fans and indie artists alike to do all they can to support the indie music.

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