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Heart in 1982 photo by Chris Walters

Heart was a formed in 1963 by bassist Steve Fossen and brothers Roger Fisher and Mike Fisher and they dubbed the band The Army. Later they changed it to White Heart, than in the early 70's settled on just Heart. The band was based in British Columbia when they invited Ann to join the group, Nancy joined them in 1974. The Wilson sisters became the creative spark in the once all male band.

Ann and Nancy grew up in Southern California, their father who was in the marines later moved the family to Seattle, WA after a stay in Taiwan. Ann born June 19th, 1950 is four years older than Nancy who made her first debut on March 16th, 1954. Through out their childhood the sisters shared a very close bond, Ann bringing her younger sister along with her and her friends frequently.

Though both showed a deep interest in music as children it was Nancy that took up the guitar and flute, Ann never received any formal music training as a child.

In 1974 with both sisters now in Vancouver, Mike Fisher retired from active performing and became the band's sound engineer. At the time the Fisher brothers and the Wilson sisters were romantically involved, Ann with Mike, Nancy with Roger. Heart was approached by Shelly Siegel, the owner of the Canadian label Mushroom; they recorded their debut album, "Dreamboat Annie", in 1975. Released intially in Canada the album sold 30,000 copies and Mushroom quickly released the LP in the US. Fueled by the hits "Crazy On You" and "Magic Man" the LP went platinum quickly.

In 1977, Heart switched labels landing with Portrait which resulted in a protracted legal battle with Siegel, who in 1978 released the unfinished LP "Magazine" on the Mushroom label. But the band had already released "Little Queen" which sold over a million copies and gave us the hit "Barracuda"

From 1978 until 1983 Heart released three more albums, and the band went through a transformation as the romantic relationships faded and the Fisher brothers left the band. In 1985 with their new label Capitol, Heart smothered the charts with their self titled release that produced four top ten hits, "What About Love" , "These Dreams", "Never" and "Nothin' At All." They followed up quickly with the release of "Bad Animals" in 1987. "Alone" scored them another number one hit and also gave us "Who Will You Run To" and "There's The Girl." They continued their assault on the charts with their 1990 smash hit, "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You" followed by "I Didn't Want To Need You" and "Stranded."

The end of the Brigade tour was also the start of a brief hiatus from Heart for the Wilson Sisters who formed Lovemongers. At this time Heart released the single and video " You're The Voice." Their take on the 1990 Gulf War which they strongly opposed. MTV refused airplay to the song, which celebrated peace.

In the 90's Heart released two more albums but the Sisters focused mainly on the "Lovemongers." From the late nineties until 2004, both sisters were involved in multiple projects before their most current release.

"Jupiters Darling", produced by Nancy Wilson was released in 2004 and dedicated to Heart Fans, the LP went to number 3 on the Independent Album chart. Sadly once again Heart was snubbed in the 2005 Grammys. Without a single nomination Jupiters Darling and the Wilson Sisters failed to receive that well earned nod from the music industry.

Heart like fellow Rocker Joan Jett, has never won a Grammy despite being a staple on the billboards and a huge influence on female musicians for decades.

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