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Last Gig of 2006

GSX and Dirty Excuse
December 16th, 2006
Arlene's Grocery
New York City


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Medusa Festival

Wayne Herrschaft

Wayne Herrschaft

Sarah Greenwood

Katrina del Mar

Katrina del Mar

Rock Band: GSX

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Sarah Greenwood of GSX

GSX is a relatively new band, but this rock band with a mixture of English and American members contains an impressive resume of music industry experience. Various members having played with the likes of Pink and Psychedelic Furs, and opened for Joan Jett this summer at CBGB's along with a long list of influences ranging from Nirvana, ACDC, and Joan Jett to Pretenders, Queen, Aerosmith, and Led Zeppelin, just to name a few.

The driving force behind GSX is classically trained British front woman Sarah Greenwood. She offers not only a strong stage presence she emphasis' masterfully with her guitar but a vocal style that's undeniably aggressive and tough but definitely not one-dimensional - a description that also fits the band's new self-published CD, "Manifest".

Guitars are prominent on "Manifest" - the band's lead guitar player on Manifest, Chris Goercke provides a sound that's certainly heavy, but also quite inventive and varied. Sarah and Chris co-produced the record. The powerful and steady rythm section of GSX consists of Frank Ferrer on drums and Val Glauser on bass.

GSX shoots for a sweet spot just in the middle between too heavy to be fun and too light to be authentic - and authentic they indeed are as a growing number of fans will attest to. This is one band that has managed to not only learn and grow from their legendary influences but to take from those roots and create their own unique sound and style that they showcase not just in the studio but on the stage as well.

Read our December 2006 interview with front woman Sarah Greenwood here

"Manifest" is available at www.gsxrock.com
contact: sg@gsxrock.com

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