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Feb 2007 MLE won an Oscar for her song, " I Need To Wake Up."

New Melissa Etheridge Photos Added
Columbus and Lowell 2006

The Awakening
Street date 9/25/07
Track Listing

1. All There Is
2. California
3. An Unexpected Rain
4. Message To Myself
5. God Is In The People
6. Map Of The Stars
7. Threesome
8. All We Can Really Do
9. I've Loved You Before
10. A Simple Love
11. Heroes And Friends
12. The Kingdom Of Heaven
13. Open Your Mind
14. The Universe Listened
15. Imagine That
16. What Happens Tomorrow

Melissa Etheridge

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Melissa Etheridge The Awakening

Congratulations to Melissa Etheridge on her 2007 Oscar for her Best Original Song, "I Need To Wake Up" from the Al Gore documentary on global warming, " An Inconvenient Truth."


Melissa Etheridge: Singer/Songwriter

Melissa Etheridge  was born May 29, 1961, in Leavenworth, KS. She received her first guitar at age eight as a gift from her father. In her teens she played in local bands before attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA until the early 80's.

After moving to L.A. Bill Leopold signed on as Etheridge's manager. Soon there was a bidding war between such major record labels as A&M, Capitol, EMI, and Warner Bros., but it was Island Records that snagged Melissa.

Melissa's  first recorded work appeared in the Nick Nolte prison movie Weeds before her self-titled debut was issued in 1988.Her debut earned her a Gold Certificate and gave us such hits as "Bring Me Some Water" and "Similar Features."

In 1989 Melissa released  "Brave and Crazy" another gold-certified success and gave us the hits " No Souvenirs" and "The Angels." However it was not until 1992 when Melissa released " Never Enough" before she won her first Grammy.Melissa brought home the Grammy for  Best Rock Vocal Performance, Female  for the hit " Ain't It Heavy."

Than in 1993 Melissa released " Yes I Am." The album sold over six million copies fueled by the hits " Come To My Window " and " I'm The Only One." With the commercial success Melissa's fan base also exploded and today remains one of the largest and most loyal fan bases.

She followed up in 1995 with "Your Little Secret" which peaked at number 6 on the billboards. In 1996 MLE sporting a new look released "Breakdown" with a touching tribute track dedicated to Matthew Shepherd's family and friends titled "Scarecrow. "

Than Melissa released "Skin" in 2001, an album that depicteda painful journey through the of ending a long time relationship and finding a new love. She followed it up with her 2002  release of her autobiography "The Truth Is: My Life in Love and Music."

But it was a brand new start for Melissa and in 2004 she exploded back on the charts with the release of "Lucky."
"Breathe" the first track Melissa ever released on an album that she did not write earned Etheridge another Grammy nomination.

A new happier sound "Lucky" debuted at fifteen on the billboards and was quickly followed up by the release of MLE's DVD " Lucky Live" which featured the favorite "Good Girls and Boys."

While on her "Lucky" Tour Melissa was diagnosed with breast cancer. While Melissa underwent treatment supported by her wife Tammy  and her children her fan base kicked into high gear.

The Pink Bracelet Fund started by a handful of her fans shortly after it was revealed Melissa had breast cancer has raised thousands of dollars. Giving a new meaning to one of Etheridge's favorite quotes "Be strong, Speak true."

In Feb 2005, Melissa appeared for the first time at The Grammy's since undergoing chemotherapy for Breast Cancer. Her performance with "Joss Stone" in tribute to Janis Joplin received the only standing ovation of the night.

Now less than a year later Melissa has a new single on the horizon ( Refugee), and a greatest hits CD due to be released in October 2005

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