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Bif Naked: Superbeautifulmonster

Canada has brought us many wonderful things; bacon, hockey, and of course good music. Bif Naked has been rocking the Canada and U.S. airwaves for over a decade now and continues to crank out new records every few years. Bif recorded her first solo album in 1994 after being passed from indie band to indie band for several years. Her rock n roll, "wild yet straight-edge" persona has helped her release three more albums and has won her millions of fans since 1994.

Although her band line-up has been shaky and not entirely constant for awhile, Bif has managed to release yet another album. Up until now she has always been slightly under the radar - but now, with her fourth and most mainstream album, Bif has been pushed over the edge into stardom. "SuperBeautifulMonster" has gained her thousands of more fans with its mainstream appeal and catchy tunes. But don't worry, diehard Bif Naked fans won't be disappointed by the poppiness of the new record - Bif has still got her roots in rock.

I first heard Bif Naked when "I Bificus" came out in 1999. After listening to the album at least a thousand times, I rushed out to buy her earlier releases. Much to my dismay, her other albums were only available in Canada. So what did I do? I went to Canada. (The things I'll do for music...) Nowadays I know most of you wouldn't do that for a CD what with internet download sites, but hey, I've always been behind on the fads.

Over the past seven years I've developed what you may call an obsession with the Canadian rocker. Even though her last album was kind of a let down for my tastes, I was still ecstatic to hear that she had a new one coming out.

When I first heard the new single, "Let Down" on a commercial on Fuse I dropped everything I was doing and just stared. Bif Naked. On a commercial. Say What? After the initial shock of seeing my idol on a mainstream television channel (Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying she doesn't deserve the attention), I realized that the song was actually really good. It was radio friendly but still very Bif-esque. Plus the music video was really cool.

I figured any new album was bound to be good after her last one so I was surprised to find that "SuperbeautifulMonster" is not only better than her last one but fuh-reakin' awesome. Along with her first single "Let Down", tracks like "Yeah You", "The World Is Over" and "Funeral of a Good Girl" bring back the old Bif we loved so much with tight guitar riffs and her sexy, raspy voice. Other tracks like "Everyday", "Abandonment", and "That's Life" are catchy and mainstream but still have that rough edge Bif is known for.

Bif's second single off the new album, "Nothing Else Matters", is a cover of an old Metallica tune. Shocking the world with their first "ballad" in 1991, Metallica has made a mark with this song. Although the cover sounds a lot like the original, Bif has tweaked it a little with her unique style and has made it her own. But on the topic of metal, Bif seems to be experimenting a little with some of her own tracks like "Ladybug Waltz", "I Want" and "The Question Song". She hasn't quite hit metal yet though.

Superbeautifulmonster is a must have for anyone, Bif fan or not. Bif has now shed her indie rock shell and surpassed pop rock. I'm excited to see what she does next. Bif Naked yet another reason to move to Canada.

Submitted by Katie Z The Cover Zone © Jan 2006

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