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Antigone Rising

Band Members:
Cassidy - Lead Vox
Cathy Henderson - Guitar, Vox
Kristen - Guitar, Vox
Dena Tauriello - Drums
Jen Zielenbach - Bass

Antigone Rising is a NYC-based band comprised of five women who are well-acquainted with both extremes of the music industry spectrum. For many years starting in the mid-90's they toured the countryside in their van as an unsigned band selling self-released CD's in ever-increasing numbers. Originally formed by guitar-playing sisters Cathy and Kristen Henderson, drummer Dena Tauriello and lead singer Cassidy (just Cassidy) were added along the way, with the final piece of the puzzle being the addition of bass player Jen Zielenbach in 2004. After years of toiling in small clubs and traveling the open road in their well-worn van, the band was signed to Atlantic subsidiary Lava Records in 2003 and their star has continued in ascendance since that watermark event.

Antigone Rising is a versatile band, seeming equally at home with ground-shaking rockers or delicate ballads. Vocalist Cassidy is gifted with a voice of immense power and expression. It's the sort of instrument that can devastate a room a capella any time she chooses to do so. But this is a well-integrated band - the beautiful harmony vocals provided by sisters Cathy and Kristen are a major ingredient in their overall sound. The sisters' guitar work is as skillful as one would expect from artists who've been playing from a very early age, and Dena and Jen provide a very solid, powerful but tuneful bottom end.

Moving into the harsh glare of the limelight presents some challenges to almost any band but these women seem well-prepared to handle it, with a strong sense of who they are gleaned from all those years of paying dues. Their latest release, From The Ground Up, is available exclusively from Starbucks (it can be ordered online at www.starbucks.com). They have a reputation for dynamic live shows, having garnered large crowds and intense industry attention at major events like SXSW as well as opening for some of the biggest names in the music industry like the Rolling Stones. We're excited to have the opportunity to attempt to get some insight into what life is like for Antigone Rising these days through the eyes of Drummer Dena Tauriello. Read Dena's Interview

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