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Anti-Hero: Rock N' Roll Revolutionaries

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Anti-Hero CD Unpretty

ANTI-HERO's debut album, "Unpretty" (Addictive Records / Fontana North / Universal Records) AVAILABLE NOW in retail stores across Canada, or online via our maplemusic store.

Rose Perry: lead vox, guitar, bass, songwriting
Nic VanHaverbeke: backing balls, bass, guitar
Jesse Tomes: lead guitar, songwriting

Anti-Hero: The 21st Centurys answer to Nirvana

What do you get when you throw together four dedicated and talented musicians with diverse roots and influences scattered over multiple decades? As we learned in the 80's and 90's, more times than not you get one-hit wonders and posers.

Yet fate occasionally intervenes, the stars align, chemistry is born and a miracle happens. Ironically yet appropriately dubbed Anti- Hero, this band has all the trademarks needed for artistic and commercial success. Their chemistry, god-given talent, dedication, and passion for their music should make them destined to be one of the musicial pioneers of the 21st century.

With influences that can be traced to over a dozen genres, this band has mastered what no other emerging band has been able to do. Anti-Hero returns us to the fundamentals of rock n' roll, building on that solid foundation by dipping into their own roots and influences, their unique sound can be described as nothing other than what rock 'n' roll was meant to evolve into.

Their debut CD "Unpretty" is filled with lyrics like those of the title track, which on the surface may seem to reflect Perry's experience as a model but in reality is an anthem for everything this band strives to represent. It's a challenge to a dying industry to strip away all the cosmetic and technical mirages that are marketed in today's music business.

The Ontario based band consists of lead singer Rose Perry, Jesse Tomes on lead guitar, and Nicole VanHaverbek on bass and backing vocals. Together, they turn this debut CD into an instant classic.

From Rose's masterfully delivered vocals, alternating between a forceful proclamation and a snarl she is making her own, to the catchy choruses, to the fierce bassline Nicole lays down through out the album, all the way to hooks and riffs Jesse offers our music-starved ears, this CD never quits delivering turbo-charged, high-powered rock-n-roll.

Forget the labeling, forget the genres, they're all creations of an industry more concerned with marketing than substance. This is pure, raw, untainted music. Anti-Hero could comfortably fit into at least a dozen sub-genres within the general "Rock" classification - a fact they clearly understand and embrace on their debut album. The chemistry and musical experience within the band is evident throughout - their veteran delivery of the hard-hitting music could easily have overpowered Perry's vocals at any point, but never does.

Easily surpassing the sounds of such heavyweights as Audioslave, Queens Of The Stone Age and Velvet Revolver, Anti-Hero is the band I have been in search of for well over a decade.

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